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I think relationships are so important and that developing people is the most fun.  I like to look deeply and notice what makes someone unique.  I enjoy sensing something special about them and calling it into the light. If I could just walk with someone for a while, I’d be blessed and we’d be encouraged.  This is the form of mentoring I most prefer – a walking together while we share.

I myself have been transformed by the influence of many mentors.  It wasn’t until I began to walk with  a tender, compassionate, empowering mentor (I’m talking about Jesus!) that I began to become who I was really meant to be – ME!

Mentoring is similar to mothering – another personal passion of mine.  When I mentor, I really care about the other person and I want them to outrun, outpace and outlast the limits of what they’ve known or thought. Mentoring is more than coaching.  I think of coaching as developing a talent or skill set.  It’s very needed, but it’s only one shade of mentoring.  It’s more than giving counsel.  Counsel and wisdom are so needed, but they are another facet of mentoring.  I find that when I can combine coach, counsel and prophetic revelation, I am most effective as a mentor.  Prophetic revelation reveals the secret treasure inside a person that is often overlooked or even despised.  When I’m mentoring I’m speaking to your core identity  and moving you along in your understanding of how much you are loved, 

This lfe-long desire to bring out the best in others led me to the founding of Brave Strong Girl.

I have a deepening passion to mentor others in how to live a Spirit-led life.  I want to leave a legacy of faith, hope and love that will reach others with the love of Jesus.  Yet on every side I faced the limitations of my health, energy, strength, resources, and time.

While wrestling with these conflicting realities, a friend simply suggested that I take what I already had (faith, friends and a gift of communication) and just begin.  Do something.  She challenged me to think about what I did have, rather than what I lacked.

At the moment of my greatest weakness Brave Strong Girl was born.  I discovered I could gather the friends, resources and gifts that had already been seeded in my own life and make a way to share it with others. 

I hope you find the friendships, encouragement, counsel and hope you need within this community. 

You are already a brave strong girl and I believe in you.

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