26 years and counting!

Hi guys,

Today is our anniversary - 26 years! With all that's going on, I almost forgot...but Mark remembered! He wanted to nice evening out but under the circumstances, our sweet friend Amy is cooking a beautiful home made dinner. Best gift of all, don't you think?

All my life I've said I wanted to live a long time - maybe 100. Mark always says I'm silly. You'll be the last one, no friends and lonely. But I've always loved life. So today, I just began to ask Him for long life. (I figure go big or go home!)

We were meeting with a doctor who's about to do radiation on my leg and he began to tell me how being mid-life really improves my chances of longevity. He just began to speak some life over me while I sat there, even said 20 or 30 years. Amy and I looked at each other and grinned.

I had kind of a miracle day. First of all, I'm not feeling sick. The meds are awesome. However, the steriods are making me a non stop talk box. I am ADD today. Lost my phone, credit card, wrote down wrong dates, said the poo in front of my doctor and in general talked a lot. I was glad Amy was with me because Mark might have been mortified!

Another victory today - they are going to do radiation on my pelvic bone because of the pain it is causing me. Due to my schedule in July they have decided to do it in one session rather than 10 consecutive days. I will receive less overall radiation, spend less money, spend less time, not run the risk of sores on my skin, get the same level of effectiveness, kill the cancer in the bone and improve the other medicenes chance of strengthening my leg.

All of this happened because I went to the church office today to visit for 30 minutes and by the time we left my leg was hurting again. I mentioned it in the hallway at the doctors office to Amy while waiting for a shot. Someone heard me, told my doctor and when I went to check out they said he wanted to see me. Tada! Killing cancer quick next week!

Seriously, I know the favor of God is on me in this moment. He is going before me opening doors and closing others. I am simply being in the moment. Thank you for all the kind words, hugs, gifts, and thoughtfulness. I am actuely aware that I have much to learn about how to be kind to others in times of struggle.

Also - got the most amazing flowers from my Gateway Family today. I'll post a picture later! They are gorgeous. And my precious friend Loyce sent me some gift certificates to order some encouraging teachings! I am a blessed woman.

Prayer requests:

  1. My hip won't fracture. Apparently the bone is very weak and my doctor expressed concern again today.
  2. Ashley is in Florida visiting a friend. Safe travel and comfort.
  3. Mark is doing 6 claims a day in blazing heat! Pray for his safety, nutrition, strength and all things related.
  4. Amy - please pray blessing on my sweet friend. She's worked non stop today and is a pure joy to me. It's like being mothered - or maybe sistered - it's wonderful. Praying blessing back on her and her family.
  5. The red devil would become known as the blood of Jesus. There was more talk about it today - and it's a scary medicene. We prayed that it would do it's work and leave my body quickly - and that it would submit to the blood of Jesus bringing healing without pain.

Have I said thanks today? Well, thanks. You are awesome!