Chemo Day One!

Dear friends,

Today was chemo day one. Before I started, I met with my doctor who said the the brain CT scan looked great and that my heart also is healthy. I do have to do 2 additional MRI's next week as he wants to be very thorough. So far all additional tests have been excellent. Amy arrived to sit with me just as I finished my doctor appointment. She took great care of me today - Thanks, Amy!

At 10:00 I sat down to meet with the doctor. I knew a group of friends were meeting to pray for me at the same time! I sat down in the room by myself, put my phone down, closed my eyes and imagined myself in the room with all those precious people. I thought about how I would want to receive if I were there and began to pray in the Spirit. Right away I felt the presence of God. Peace just came upon me again. He stayed with me all day. Amy says I acted really nice in the chemo room - so I guess that a sign! I just want you to know that my family and I can feel the power of your prayers. We are literally moving in a peace that has to be supernatural. I don't have adequate words to express my appreciation, but my heart is bleeding love and gratitude.

Apparently the next two days are the most potentially difficult for me. One of the drugs they gave me is red in color and when they hung the bag the whole room gasped. They call it the red devil because of it's reputation for side effects. I will be taking a lot of nausea meds and steriods for the next two days to keep things in check. I feel great tonight and believe I'll feel good tomorrow.

Wig shopping is on the immediate future. I will probably begin to lose my hair within the next two weeks. I'm trying to believe what I know, that it's just hair - but you know I am vain and I wish this one would pass on by! So many things are worse for my others, you would think I could just let it pass on by. My friend Jonya Schuman - who is also battling this same disease - please add her to your prayers - tells me that there is a certain freedom in it once you accept it. Just flip on your hair on and you look great! I pray to have half the grace, wisdom and sense of humor about the whole thing that she does! She is a sister to me in every way! Now even more!

I'm remembering many of you also walking through personal issues. There is enough prayer to bless us all. May God's peace roll back on to each of you. May He assign a warrior to you. May He whisper his hope and love. May you be comforted. May you know Him deeply, passionately, personally.

I love you,