I'm still walking!

Hi friends,

Thank you for the continual prayer over the past few days. I got slapped by the chemo monster and since this is a new fight for me, I failed to duck! Next time I hope to be better prepared and be able to navigate with a little more grace. My husband has been an angel to me the past few days - I scared him and me a little - but He's been the warrior and the nurse and I appreciate him so much.

I am coming up out of the hole of fatigue and I'm just resting on the arms of love. A friend sent me a text on Sunday morning and told me that when the sheep are ill or weak, the Shepherd comes to them. I weeped and allowed Him to come to me! He is indeed gentle with me in this season.

Thanks to all those who have been signing up to bring us food! My friend warned me that you can gain weight on chemo - and I bet it's true. My appetite is returning and I have been enjoying home cooked meals all weekend. Thanks to Alena and David Moore who brought yummy's on Saturday, my neighbor Carla who showed up at noon on Sunday, my inlaws brought homemade goodies last night, my neighbor Tracy brought me a chick-fil-a milkshake and I just got to visit with LC who brought me some home cooked loving for tonight. In addition, a sweet family dropped by while I was at the doctor and left some amazing bread and the Word of life for me. I have a little refrigerator magnet now that has a cute green frog and reminds me to Fully Rely On God! Blessing upon blessing are mine.

I made my first visit since last Thursday to the doctor today. Did a simulation for the radiation treatment which will be Thursday and had my blood work done. Bummer - my white cells were low again so they gave me "the shot". I should be more peppy by tomorrow. Hey - I have a tatoo now - 3 actually! I asked for little hearts, but they declined any special requests!

My mother in law and father in law came today and drove me to my treatment. My father in law is just recovering from a complete hip replacement and has only been driving 2 days! We ate lunch at a restaurant - his first meal outside his home in over a month. He's pretty amazing! We kept laughing about how long it takes us to get to the car, in the car and out of the car. He reminded me it's really not so bad. He's still walking and I am too!

Tomorrow and Thursday hold a long line of appointments. Two more MRI's, a surgery consult, a regular doctor visit with more blood work and radiation. I'm disappointed that my schedule is so crazy as I really hoped to get to the office this week - not to work (don't tell anybody I said that) - but for the fellowship. People give me energy and life and joy and I really miss the dynamic, energetic, inspiring work that I've been privileged to do. I'm laying it down until He says I can pick it up - but I sure want to be saying hi to everybody everywhere!

I am so amazed at the outpouring of kindness demonstrated to me and my family. Every note, text and prayer are logged in my files - beginning to build and accumulate a deep well of awe. I feel a little embarassed - not by your love - but by the rawness of my need for it - and a little stunned that simple acts of kindness carry so much weight - so much impact. The fruit of the Spirit is powerful, long lasting and sweet.

I'm praying that the Shepherd would come to you and me today, that He would make Himself known to us - that together we would bring Him honor and glory - and I'm praying that the enemy would pay dearly for His attempts to discourage us!

Thanks for reading!