Monday's Update

Hello everyone,

I'm posting a quick update on Jan's behalf. I spoke to her earlier today, and she asked me to update you all.

Jan is really struggling with fatigue and just doesn't feel very well due to the chemo treatment she underwent last week. She had hoped to blog and to get out for a little while today, but ultimately didn't feel strong enough to do either. So she's feeling a bit discouraged. She'd hoped she'd have "bounced back" by now from the fatigue she'd been fighting over the weekend.

Her friend, Amy, returned home over the weekend as well. Some ladies from Gateway have been spearheading efforts to provide the family with meals, etc. I will post information about how to get involved with that later. Jan is so blessed at all the love and support that has been sent her way!

As you know, it's difficult for anyone to stay "up" emotionally when your body just feels awful. So now's the time for us to kick our prayers into overdrive! Let's believe God for a breakthrough for her today.