Too tired to post - or so I thought!

Hi friends,

Started early with another procedure to be sure my port was working correctly (all good news!). Then off to the doctor for another shot - which I didn't have to take because my bones were super producing white blood cells! I don't have to go back tomorrow either. Thank God. That shot makes your bones aches. I told them I'm healthy!

Then went to the wig shop. Met the most precious lady and got through with only one small burst of tears! Even got a scarf for the in between days. Amy was with me every moment. We took some pictures, but I'm too tired to post tonight. I'll try tomorrow.

Thanks to Julie Kavanaugh - who's going to be organizing some meal support - I'll have to get her email address to any of you that are interested. (I got to meet Lauren for the first time - what a beautiful child.) Lynnell Tysl came to see me too and brought me a beautiful bracelet to wear. Thanks girls for the gifts and for your hearts of service. After that, took a long nap which was yummy! Then tonight on top of everything else, Amy and my neighbor Tracy began to sort through the boys clothes. So much is happening around me and I'm just sitting in the recliner playing princess.

Then guess what? The guys from Flower Mound G8 showed up this afternoon to help put our back yard fence up that was blown down in the recent storms. Every need met by a heart of a servant.

Thanks to J. Fox for giving me some ideas on how to battle cancer with the word. I'm looking for three key scriptures to hang onto during this process. Amy and I have been reviewing all the great ones posted on facebook today. If you want to send a suggestion, please do so quickly. I want verses that will bring death to cancer and life to me.

Today the Lord is reminding me to give thanks in all things. To magnify His name. To draw near to His throne. Strength for the weary and hope for the hopeless. Please pray that I will be radiant with the presence of God as I am making new friends in a new place that I don't really want to be. I find the cancern center to be a very spiritual environment. There are no restrictions on conversations about prayer or God or hope or power. I'm not saying anything, yet everyone is talking to me about their faith. I'm so grateful that God brought me to this doctor - this clinic - this help. But nobody wants to join this club! Pray for me to submit to God's hand in this situation and that I would go through - rather than around - fully trusting Him in the wilderness to produce something amazing that will bring Him honor.

I gave thanks for you today!

Blessings abundant.