Today I was changed!

HI friends,

It's late and I'm going to have to be brief. Mark is asleep beside me and I don't want to disturb his rest - but I am choosing to post a quick note because today I was changed. Let me share that God snapped my mind into alignment with HIs and I was able to let go of the whole hair thing. 7:15 am - with a mouth swollen and blistered, fresh off a miserable night's sleep and experiencing real discouragement. I climbed into the bed as Mark climbed out - opened my phone to glance at the blog and as I read a very special note from Dana Miller - snap - I got it. It's sad to loose your hair - but I haven't lost my life or this fight! I experienced a deliverance from dread in a moment of weakness that fueled my whole day. I got a new, short hair cut that I like - and Ashley will help me show you - but more importantly - I got in alignment with His priorities and my heart is light. I'm counting on an awesome night's rest because my dread has been broken. He is so good!

loving u,