Were at the lake house tonight. All the kids plus Mark are in the pool. There is no wi-fi service so please forgive typos and short postings.

Today the reality of how long this fight might take sat on my spirit. I woke up tired, a little unsettled and facing a non working phone. By the time Mark got home I was struggling. We loaded up and headed out, distracting me from the path of my mind. Still feel a little solemn. Not depressed. Just counting the costs, measuring my resources and preparing for the next few days.

I'm wondering how my mind can be here, after the amazing message brought by franklin turner (I hope I got his name right). I thought the whole auditorium was going to turn and point at me. It was inspiring and encouraging and sobering. Let us go...how long does it take to go to the other side?

God,s talking to me about tongues of fire, burning bones, and power. Hope to post something about that tomorrow.

Grateful for each of you and for the honor of sharing.