Every Battle

This blog is a repost from September of 2016. Since it’s original publishing, Rita Springer has released her 10th album called Battles. If you find yourself in a fight for your life - then use this worship album as a weapon against discouragement and fear. As you worship, you will be revived, empowered and deeply encouraged to fight with power.

Read on to learn a little more about the feature track called Every Battle.

Rita Springer is my friend.

I mean it.

My friend.

I can hardly believe it.  That's why I wrote it out.

For years, her worship has impacted my life.

One time I worshiped among hundreds under her anointing.  I was transformed.

From then on, when I worship with her, I imagine I'm resting under her key board and I can feel the presence of God the way that she does.

She knows how to love, how to endure, how to worship and how to fight.


Recently, she stepped into my fight with cancer in a very personal way.

Every Battle is a new song of victory, recently released on a Gateway Create project called Voices.  This is the first ever project celebrating the female voices of Gateway Worship and can be purchased at any Gateway Church bookstore or online by clicking here.


Every Battle was partly inspired by her compassion for my fight. She and her fellow worship leader from Bethel Music, Kalley Helligenthal, partnered together to write one of the most beautiful and powerful anthems I've ever heard.

"I love words. When writing songs I stack my words around and then start trimming. Last winter I was standing in the kitchen and words hit me. We fight wars and battles in our lives daily. I felt it time to write a song and now a complete new record around fight, victory and God's defense! I want my words to be shouts of truth and bursts of declaration! Every Battle became just that!" - Rita Springer

Here is the official lyric video and full audio recording for your own private worship.  In addition, the story of Every Battle was recently featured in Gateway Life Magazine.  Here is the feature by Katie Smith.

This past week, she did a live recording for a new project.

The Project is called Battles.


If you missed it, watch this live video clip of Every Battle from a recording made by our mutual friend, Mary Beth Miller.

Every Battle


This is how she ended the evening...and what she had to say about it.


"I cannot even describe how grateful I am. Please hear me when I tell you that this is the kind of posture is what it will take for us to arise. I have been through the toughest of fights and I am still standing in this position to tell you, to shout out to you that God does not need our fake responses or our over performed sacrifices. He needs our openness and willingness to just let go and surrender to what he's more capable of accomplishing. If you ache, worship. If you war, worship. If you've been betrayed, worship. If you are under it and over it, worship. Our posture in the fire is what he looks for and sets his gaze on. I have wanted to give up but threw my hands up instead. Surrender is the road to dependence on Him."  - Rita Springer

This is how I want to worship.  This is how I want to war.  This is how I want to surrender. This is how I want to overcome.

To all my friends who face a battle - I offer my friend and her gifts to you.  God through her will lift us up.

Every battle belongs to the Lord.