Overcoming Insecurity

Holly Wagner is such an empower of others.  She not only leads well - she raises up others who lead well.  I've been blessed by her counsel and wisdom so many times - and of course she's also a breast cancer survivor.  She's my sister, my friend, a mentor, a role model. That's why I'm so excited to be invited to share on her GodChicks Blog under another arm of her ministry called She Leads!

Today, I'm sharing about my own story of  "Overcoming Insecurity."  I hope you'll check it out and if you find it helpful, please share with others who could relate.

More than my blog - there are lots of resources here for your benefit.  If you are a woman in ministry, this is just for you. Here's what She Leads is all about!

We believe in your potential as a leader in ministry. You have been given unique abilities and gifts to serve the Body of Christ. You have been divinely purposed to bring strength and leadership in your home, in your friendships, in your local church, in your communities, and beyond. Basically, we think you are pretty amazing.

And we also believe you don’t have to figure it all out on your own! That’s where we come in.

She Leads exists to connect, inspire and resource women in ministry today.

We know that leading in ministry looks unique for each of us, and we are all facing different obstacles and challenges as we lead. Here at She Leads, we want to learn from one another and the different experiences and perspectives we have. We also want to support and cheer one another on, celebrating moments of progress and victory. And we want to expose you to experts in different areas of leadership and ministry as a way to resource you as you bravely and boldly lead in life.

She Leads is here for you! We believe in you! Our prayer is that as you read one of the weekly articles below, view one of our leadership conversations, tune in for an interactive webcast, or join us for a live gathering that you feel connected to women in leadership from around the globe, equipped to lead right where you are and inspired to fulfill your God-given potential!

–Holly Wagner

So if you are a woman who wants to lead others well, be sure to sign up for her email updates.  You'll be blessed!

California Dreamin'

Sitting in the lobby of the historic Culver Hotel in Culver City, California. Just drove by Sony Studios, Culver Studios and Kirk Douglas Theatre. Ashley and I are travelling together and experiencing a girl's weekend in the City of Angels. We arrived yesterday to 80+ temperatures and clear skies. The people here say it's hot, but feels like resort weather to me.

In typical Jan and Ashley style, we've seen and done a number of destinations in the past twenty four hours. Last night we drove down to Hollywood Boulevard and saw the walk of fame, Kodak Theatre and a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live. (Well, sort of - we saw it from the sidewalk!) We ate dinner at Mel's Drive In and then shopped - shocking - at Sephora's. I guess a great store is great everywhere.

We had a wonderful night's rest (I slept completely through the night for the first time in over a week) and then off this morning to Santa Monica. We experienced the local farmer's market - which was amazing - and then shopped at H&M at the promenade. This part of the area is so beautiful and I see why people would like living here. We then drove up the Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu and had lunch at Paradise Cove. Huge amounts of seafood, great views and sand between our toes. We really feel like we are on vacation now. We've returned to the hotel for a rest before heading out this evening for the real purpose of our trip.

We're going to be joining the women of Oasis Christian Center, more commonly known as the GodChicks, at a event called a Pink Night. A couple of weeks ago this event was brought to my attention and something inside me just felt an urge to be here. Maybe it's the fact that they are celebrating breast cancer survivors, or maybe it's the fact that they are praying for those of us currently in the fight, or maybe it's the fact that they are calling their evening a Pink night (certainly talking my language), or maybe it's that I'm hoping that God will show up to meet with me. Regardless, I'm excited in my spirit to worship among them and looking forward to all their plans. They evening sounds awesome with a promise of worship, messages of hope and a pink after party to boot. I'm sure we are the perfect guests for this event.

Tomorrow we'll return home and resume our normal life style - doctor visits and all. I left town with my counts low and my doctor expressing concern about travel. He won't be thrilled when he learns I decided to risk it. Please pray with me that my body would be strong and that no infection could overtake. I believe I'm here by divine unction and I'm asking for divine protection. I feel wonderful today!

Acts 3:16
By faith in the name of Jesus, this (wo)man whom you see and know (that's me!) was made strong. It is Jesus' name and the faith that comes through him that has given this complete healing to him (her), as you can all see.

Oh that by faith, we would all be made strong, completely healed.

Love to you,

PS - The trip won't be complete if Ashley doesn't get to see at least one celebrity! She's cracking me up! Everywhere we drive she can point out the various locations from all different kinds of television shows! Surely - someone we can call a celebrity will cross our paths! It's kind of hard to identify a famous person when you are driving, driving, driving everywhere! I'll keep you posted.