Hi friends,

Just a brief update so you'll know I'm still hanging in there! Tomorrow will be a week since my last treatment and I am on the upward swing! Not as deep a hole as last time, but it still takes a full week to really be able to function. I was explaining to my coworkers today that the fatigue just pushes you down and you really just have to wait it out!

Thanks for your continued prayers, texts, and comments. I read them all and even when I didn't respond, I was blessed. Lots of people stopped by to say hello and bring food - some I got to see and some I didn't. I really regret missing a visit on Sunday afternoon that I had planned - thinking I would be so ready for company! When I had to cancel at the last minute...well...yuck!

I have a full day tomorrow - starting with one of those MRI's that got cancelled a couple of weeks ago. I report at 7:45 am for that - with my weekly doctor visit to follow. Then - finally some fun! I'm hoping to meet up with Melissa for an early lunch or a late coffee. Melissa and I used to work together at Gateway before she left to become a full time mom. She has been a constant source of encouragement since the day I met her and we have so much in common that it's like getting to hang with your sister! She's in town with her little man - Isaac - and I can't wait to get my hands on them both. Hoping I feel well and can really enjoy the visit!

This morning before I went to work I spent some time putting scripture all over the downstairs. I've been working on getting that done for awhile - but somehow this morning - I actually got them plastered around the house. I hung them on the light switches, the microwave, my bathroom mirror, where I sit at the table - pretty much any place that I thought my eye might find to rest. I listened to another amazing healing testimony while getting ready this morning and I am reminded fresh that God's word is medicene. I must take it daily trusting it will not return void! I did this while the boys were gone to their sports camp. When I came in tonight, Mark commented that I'd put the word everywhere. At the dinner table we spent a few minutes talking about why I'd done that...As usual, Matthew was the first to respond. He gets me, I think!

By the way, thanks for praying for Ashley. Her swelling is beginning to come down and she's feeling much better today. I anticipate she'll return to work tomorrow. A really special thanks to the Hamp girls for being good friends and nurses. They came over to our house and took care of her one evening and then last night they took her home with them for awhile - iced her, nursed her, loved on her. You are some awesome young women! And thanks to my mom in law - Juli - for taking her on Saturday and navigating a very stressful situation. You are the best!

Also wanted to let you know that my mom - Marilyn - and her friend - LC - had a great day together last Friday. All those appointments got done with grace and they had a good time together on top of that! Thanks LC for being an amazing friend.

Mark's mom - Molly Greenwood - is having some real health challenges of her own. Molly has been recently diagnosed with a condition called Amlyodosis. (I did not spell that correctly.) This diseased has coated her nerve endings with a protein that is causing massive neuropathy and digestive difficulties. Over the past two years, she's lost most of her mobility, her strength and even her body weight. My sweet sister in law - Julie Lang - has done an amazing job of caring for her mom, finding the right doctors and persisting in the face of this struggle. Molly's condition is advanced and very few doctor's offer her a lot of hope.

This weekend, Julie and Molly will be travelling to Boston to meet with a team of specialists. They will be there for three days of extensive testing and then travel home. We are hopeful that some measure of strength and mobility can be restored! My mother in law is a very faithful woman who is praying for me daily - in the midst of her own battle. She recently told me that even if this visit does not offer her help, she hopes her own case study may bring help and healing to someone else.

Would you add this to my special prayer requests? Travelling will be very taxing for Molly. I know she's a little worried about it. Julie will have to handle all of their needs and navigate all of the issues related to helping her mom. My heart is crying out for them to find favor there and a word of hope. God can do anything - nothing is impossible for Him.

Thanks for dropping by again!