The tumor is gone!

Hi friends,

Today I was at the doctor for my weekly check up. As he examined the lump in my breast, he said, "That tumor is gone!" I had wondered the same thing myself this week and responded by saying, "I thought maybe I was losing my mind." He said, "No, you aren't losing your mind. You are losing your tumor."

I am so thrilled to report that despite a long wait to see my doctor today, he brought me such good news! Indeed the tumor is undetectable by physical examination. It has completely "disappeared." In addition, he told me that the brain MRI is totally clear. He showed me where the report said something like no indication of metastatic presence. There's nothing on my face, either! It was so much fun to celebrate! My doctor even got excited with me. Gave me a hug and congratulated me! I realized he probably doesn't get to give good news very often. He was blessed while I was blessed! How sweet is that?

As soon as I got in the elevator I called Mark! Then Ashley! Then my mom! I was hurrying to make a 1:30 ministry team meeting at the office. I walked in about five minutes late and of course only a few seats were left - one right at the front. As I came forward, I asked if I could make an announcement. My pastor was gracious and let me tell the whole team my good news! The room broke into applause! You should have seen Mary Jo's face. She stood to her feet with a shout of victory.

I've been making some more personal calls tonight, but I just can't wait anymore to broadcast the good news far and wide!

I have to continue treatment as we can't tell if the cancer is totally eradicated until after the scans - and the hip area is still very important and a big unknown. We'll do two more rounds of chemo, followed by updated scans and see! But I'm believing it is totally gone...Only 6 weeks and 2 rounds of chemo...that has to be more than modern medicine. I believe it's the power of prayer!

Thanks to so many warriors who have been standing on the wall with me, praying and believing for supernatural healing. I know that there is another round or two in this battle, but I am so encouraged. Please hang with me a little longer - don't abandon the post! I believe this sickness will leave and not come back again. I love the verse in Nahum 1:9 that says "Affliction will not rise up a second time."

Will you help me spread the word? Someone told me this past week (Rick Laurence, I think) that the word testimony means do it again! I am so motivated by the idea that my testimony of healing would create an environment for God to "do it again." Need healing? Then let's testify!

Thanks for being my friends and warriors!

Blessings back to you.