We are honored to introduce you to our community of on-line mentors. This group of women represent the best and brightest in their fields of interest and expertise.  They also are passionate about mentoring others in the principles and application of the Word of God to their life decisions and actions.  Their counsel and resources are trustworthy and there is so much to be gleaned from their life experiences.

  • Do you need someone who will nurture your spiritual development?  
  • Are you looking for wise counsel on how to build healthy relationships?  
  • Do you need encouragement in the workplace, at home or even in your local church? 

Here you can find all of that and more.   

Take a few minutes and glean from their experience, enjoy their testimony, embrace their resources.  Be mentored from afar or reach out and explore their personal businesses and ministries.  In addition, you will soon be introduced to these women in a more individual and in-depth way.  They'll be featured on our blog, interviewed about their passions, share some of their favorite resources and of course, encourage us to be brave and strong.