Jen Weaver - Gateway Women

I’m Jen and I’m all about using this little corner of the internet to share strength with you.

Yes, I’ll talk about my adorable sons, Dillon and Connor, and my BFF husband, Jared. I’ll share stories from my embarrassing childhood, weak adult moments, scary dreams, and hopes for the future. I love sharing Bible stories Jen-style, and lessons learned from daily adventures of faith, marriage, and motherhood here in the great state of Texas.

But behind, within, and before all these things, beats the passion that drives me. Compassion that motivates me to get up before sunrise—to write. To lay bare my feelings and convictions, and teeter on that thin boundary line of genuine and TMI … 

That’s because I’m about sharing strength.

Mentoring Topics

Marriage  • Leadership  • Strength

Personal Message from Jen

I picture you, friend, each time I write. As a friend in my head, I imagine us to have some similarities. How some days, every hour is a struggle. Between kids, marriage, work, relationships, chores, errands, ministry, and much needed bathroom breaks—we’re just glad to survive.

Other times, we flourish. We check off to-do lists with gusto. Dream. Start new adventures and cross finish lines. Alive and excited with the promise of things to come.

I spend much of my life trying to find—and maintain—that healthy balance of things. Equity between hours awake and the rest a body needs. The balance between delicious carbs and healthy food. Caffeine and water. Life and faith and hope and hardship. Some days, I feel full of strength. A she-hero warrior. Other days I wish I could move to the beach.

My hope is that together, we can share strength. To walk boldly into the callings God has on our lives. To grow familiar with His voice. That you find my little online home a safe place. Warm with comfort and encouragement, and sometimes a little kick in the pants to get back out into the fray and fight.