Tracey Mitchell - The Winning Woman

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Tracey is an international speaker, a published author of the inspirational Downside Up, TV Host of Life From DFW, and CEO of 'The Winning Woman' Consulting Group. Her love of life is evident, as is her passion for Christ and compassion for hurting people. Living in Dallas, Texas, Tracey is a wife and mom.

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Personal Message from Tracey

In my travels around the world, I have experienced the extraordinary pleasure of meeting men and women from almost every walk of life.  What continues to amaze me is not the cultural differences that divide us but rather the common thread of heartache uniting us. Pain does not discriminate, and it impacts the young, old, rich, poor, successful, attractive, and educated alike.

Godly mentors and other positive relationships are essential to overcome negative thoughts, fears and lack of self-confidence.  It is so important to develop a positive God-designed self-portrait, to identify your life's purpose and to maximize your potential for success.