By Michele Francesca Cohen

Jan's Endorsement

We all have a story to tell, but not all of us are brave enough to tell it.  The human experience is naturally fraught with insecurity, pain and often sorrow. In Arise, Michele Francesca Cohen vulnerably shares her story as a way to help us who have become so submerged in our suffering that we have lost our way, or even our hope.  Over the years, I’ve known Michele in both the depths of her suffering and in the beauty of her healing.  I’ve seen her broken and I’ve seen her restored. She is a living illustration of the power of a personal relationship with Christ and its ability to redeem even our most broken moments.  This is why this book is so powerful.  I recommend it to everyone who has ever been lost, lonely or weary to the bone. In it you will find the strength and confidence to trust Christ in greater measure that He might turn your story from loss to victory.