Hope Prevails Bible Study: Insights from a Doctor’s Personal Journey Through Depression

By Dr. Michelle Bengtson

Jan's Endorsement

I often see the long-term and devastating effects of the hard to define, hard to leave behind, ravages of depression. It seeks to wear down and wear out our hope.  When seeking to help another caught in despair, I’m acutely aware of how inadequate I am to help them, realizing that Christian platitudes and casual verses only serve to make them feel more alone or misunderstood.  In Hope Prevails, Dr. Michelle Bengtson provides some profound wisdom for us all.  By sharing her own transparent journey of recovery, Michelle offers a break-through approach that focuses on the spiritual component of recovery as a means to overcome.  This book finds the cross roads between treatment and faith.  What you hold in your hand is a rare gift.  It’s hard to find a person who will be so honest about his or her own struggle in order to help you with yours.   It’s a double blessing when that person also possesses the expertise, experience and grace to meet your needs.  I recommend this book, and this woman, to those caught in the trap of depression.  There is hope and it does prevail.