Misunderstood: A Journey Exploring the Nature of God

By Andrea Joy Moede

Jan's Endorsement

God longs to be known and understood.  The same longing exists in the human heart.  We crave connection that is safe and assumes the best of our motives, actions and thoughts.   When we are misunderstood, it hurts.  Yet we are quick to misjudge and question God’s heart toward us.  In Misunderstood, A Journey Exploring the Nature of God, Andrea Joy Moede pulls back the curtain of confusion between man and God.  She shares eye-opening revelation and perspective on His unchanging, grace-filled nature that will eliminate misunderstanding and produce a deeper, more intimate trust in God.  Our need for connection can only be satisfied as we believe in and experience the “unfathomable, non-judgmental, absolutely immersing kind of love” that is found in the heart of God.