Revived: From the Me I Used to Be

By Kerrie Oles

Jan's Endorsement

Ever thought you would die of embarrassment?  Me too.  It’s one of the most painful and lingering experiences of our lives.  If we allow it shame, pain and embarrassment will drive us into a grave of timidity, apathy and numbness, bringing a death to places in our hearts that were meant to flourish and bloom.  How do you move from death to life? In Revived: From the Me I Used to Be, Kerrie Oles shares her personal story of how she “woke from the dead” and began to grasp her life in Christ. Yet Kerrie goes further.  She doesn’t just share her story, she offers to lead others out of the grave and into the light of real life.  As I read this book, I was reminded of Lazarus.  He was dead.  Really dead.  Yet at a word from Jesus, he was revived.  When you hold this book in your hands you will be equipped to respond to a word from your Lord that will bring healing, restoration and even resurrection in the areas of your life that have suffered a form of death.  I recommend this book to men and women who want to experience the overcoming power of love and really live.