This Thing Called Home: One Busy Mom’s Thoughts on Changing the Narrative, Embracing Possibilities and Remaking Home

By Brooke Sailer

Jan's Endorsement

Brooke Sailer reaches right into the root of our insecurities around home and family and trumpets a message that says “Yes, you can.”  You can successfully care for your own home and family with both skill and wisdom.  More than that, you are going to want to.  In This Thing Called Home, Brooke swings wide the front door of her own journey, inviting us in for a cup of unshakeable confidence in our ability and desire to create a beautiful and orderly home for those we love.  She offers practical wisdom and simple principles that debunk many of our modern day myths. Whatever your season, strengths or experience, you will leave this visit equipped with a vision that will transform your heart and your home.