When Blood Matters: How I Unearthed the Root of My Rejection and Discovered What Family Really Means

By Dana Sellers

Jan's Endorsement

Family is such an amazing concept.  God set in motion a series of relationships that were meant to create places of safety and love.  Yet our humanity often interferes.  Who hasn’t known the pain of feeling like we don’t belong or experienced the rejection of being unwanted?  In When Blood Matters, Dana Sellers exposes the symptoms and the consequences of experiencing such pain.  As she shares her own journey of family healing, she teaches us that the acceptance of God’s blood is so deep, wide and significant, that it can heal our human pain, suffering and loss.  If you’ve ever felt you were discarded or unacceptable, you will be transformed by the telling of this story and by the revelation of God’s love for you.  Come along on the journey from chaos to order, loss to gain and rejection to belonging.