God Centered Mom

Have you checked out my friend, Heather Price MacFadyen and her podcast, God Centered Mom? She's always offering the best encouragement and wise counsel.

This morning I'm featured on the Summer of Mentorship series. We had such an awesome conversation about how to fight fear and rest in God. Here's a quote from the podcast:

What we chat about:

  • How God spoke to Jan at the news of cancer’s resurgence.
  • How Jan found comfort in her son’s football word “square up”.
  • The difference between how Jan has fought cancer the first time and the second time.
  • What “square up” means for her in this season.
  • The story behind the hashtag Jan uses: #bravestronggirl.
  • How her battle with cancer impacts her mothering.
  • Jan’s desire to get women to war together instead against each other.
  • The revelation to choose life and not succumb to death.
  • What rest looks like in Jan’s every day.
  • How you need your own word and direction from God.

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