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My name is Jan Greenwood and I am the founder of Brave Strong Girl

I know what’s it like to feel weak and afraid.  I often face obstacles that are intimidating and overwhelming; sometimes they leave me feeling powerless and lost. I can relate to those who carry a longing for healthier family and female relationships, and I long to be sure my life makes a positive impact, leaves a legacy of love and points others to Jesus as the answer to our needs. 

Somewhere along the way I discovered a simple truth: 

Feeling weak and afraid is a prerequisite to becoming brave and strong.

We want to help you connect with other women so that you can encourage one another, learn to navigate the things that make you feel weak and afraid and help you become both brave and strong. At BSG, we are developing a safe and supportive mentoring community of women where it is okay to admit our weakness and to ask for help in overcoming our fears.  More than that, we are celebrating beauty of our femininity and the mutual strength found in healthy female relationships.

Looking for Community?

We recommend you begin by joining the fun.  You will find personal inspiration, power-packed biblical counsel, practical relationship tips and so much more.  We have some fun freebies for you too.  Sign up and enjoy!

You can jump right in by checking out our three most popular blogs

  • Brave Strong Girl - How to Become a Brave Strong Girl

  • Like a Boss - Become a Leader of Leaders

  • 10 Tips to Grow Strong in Your Prophetic Gift - Simple Skills to Develop Your Gift of Prophecy

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I'm eager to introduce you to our on-line mentors.  These women are forerunners and experts in their fields of interest.

  • Do you need someone who will nurture your spiritual development?

  • Are you looking for wise counsel on how to build healthy relationships?

  • Do you need encouragement in the workplace, at home or even in your local church?

explore Great Resources and Meet New Authors

Over the years I've supported and encouraged a lot of emerging leaders.  As a result, you will find a wide-variety of both free and recommended resources from some of the most trusted authors, communicators, entrepreneurs and ministries we are proud to personally endorse. 

I've highlighted here a couple of my resources which I think are especially powerful because they speak value and courage to women.  I hope you also enjoy the many personally endorsed books you will find as a part of our library.

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Celebrating the Brave Strong Girl in You