Women At War: Declaring a Cease-Fire on Toxic Female Relationships

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Women At War: Declaring a Cease-Fire on Toxic Female Relationships

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Women at War revolutionizes the value women place on their own gender and the way they treat one another. Through Jan Greenwood's insightful teaching you will be inspired to find effective ways to experience healing in female relationships and embrace the gift of being a woman.

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Do you wish you were more comfortable around other women?

Do you avoid female only gatherings or even protect yourself from too much time or exposure to your own mom, sister or friends?

Do you wonder if you have what it takes to be a the mom of a daughter?

As a pastor, I’ve had an upfront seat to the beauty and value of healthy female relationships.  Unfortunately, I’ve also witnessed the devastating consequences of betrayal, rejection and mistrust among women.  These experiences are magnified, multiplied and even mocked by the subtle worldview that women are “too much drama”, “too emotional” or “too complicated.”

Women at War is all about confronting those lies, overcoming those wounds and learning how to value and develop healthy female relationships.  In it, I reveal the schemes that keep women despising their gender and rejecting their strength.  Then I share practical tips and tools to overcome our long-term patterns of behavior in order to fully embrace our own gender and begin to develop more healthy, life-giving female relationships.

I spent many years figuring out how to like myself more and to get along with other women.  When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my journey to wholeness and healing took on a whole new level of understanding of how to war against the right enemy and to fight for all the benefits and strengths of my femininity. Today, I’m on a mission to demolish the cultural viewpoints of negativity toward women and changing the way we look at, value and approach one another.

I’m inviting you to join me.  I want to help you connect rather than protect; to unify rather than divide and to honor rather than despise.