Mentoring Is Fundamentally About Trust

When I began to dream about the founding of Brave Strong Girl I was in a particularly weak season of life.  I had a strong passion to mentor others in the Spirit-filled walk, but I lacked the capacity, time or resources to do it.

Every example I could imagine wasn't really a fit for me. 

  • I didn't have the capacity to engage in much one-on-one mentoring.

  • I didn't feel I had the expertise to really become some form of a life coach.

  • I felt limited by the idea of becoming a traveling speaker.

  • It felt like I lacked time, energy and resources. (Can you relate?)

  • On top of all that I had (and still have) other priority responsibilities - wife, mom, daughter and employee.

Yet I longed to form relationships with many others. I guess it's the mom in me - I wanted to help so many be strong and brave when they felt weak and afraid.

Eventually, I changed my focus from what I lacked and decided to move forward with what I had - faith, friends and some real-life experience.

As I pondered what to do, I thought a lot about how mentoring is fundamentally about building trust in a relationship.  It is often accomplished through an informal network of connections and needs.  It naturally bridges gaps in relationships, seasons and even interest.  I wondered how I could build greater trust into my relationships.

Mentoring is about trust.png

Brave Strong Girl is a mentoring platform where you can meet, follow and receive from some of the most trusted women I know.  As you become familiar with the community, I hope you will expand your expectation of mentoring from just one form of relationship to the possibility of many. If you allow us to encourage you through wise counsel, great resources and models of excellence, you will be able to glean richly from this platform. 

You'll soon begin to be more formally introduced and hear from some BSG featured mentors that have impacted my life richly.  You may not get to meet them personally, or engage in a relationship where you visit one another or talk on the phone daily.  But none the less, you can draw from their well to water your garden.

The same is true of our collection of blogs and resources.  There is so much wisdom here for those who are willing to seek it.

We aren't yet ready to form community at BSG that is based upon a face-to-face gathering.  (Don't worry - I've got dreams in my heart for this and I am prayerfully deciding how to make a way for us to gather - both digitally and eventually, in person.)  We have so much to look forward to.

So here's what I'm asking you to do now:

1)  Subscribe to our community.  (You will receive free gifts to get your started and you will be among the first to know about new content, upcoming events and anything new related to BSG.) I promise not to spam you and I will not share your contact information.

2) Follow us on Facebook and Pinterest and share, share, share.

3) Join our new Facebook Group.  This will be our first "meet up" location.  This is simple, easy and fun.  If you join the group you will be much more likely to see BSG in your feed and you will help us by getting the message into the feeds of others who have not even heard about our resources yet.  I'll be asking you for feedback and insight.  We will help one another.

So for now, I hope you will trust me and take advantage of this on-line community where you can begin to form a sense of belonging right here in the midst of your digital world. 

Together, we can mentor thousands of others, one brave strong girl at a time.