How to Effectively Use a Daily Devotional

Most of us have good intentions to study and read our Bible but often find our daily devotional reading inconsistent.  What starts out with high motivation and hope for insight and revelation, sometimes just results in disappointment and a load of guilt.

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This is where a daily devotional can be a helpful tool.

The purpose of a good devotional is primarily to point us to God and to His Word.  It helps us to reflect on our relationship with Him and how His written Word can impact our daily life.  It can overcome distractions, focus our thoughts, and help deepen our understanding of Scripture.  Although not a replacement for your Bible, it can be an effective tool for spiritual development.

How to Effectively Use a Daily Devotional

  • Develop the Right Attitude

Too many people approach a devotional or Bible study as a job - a duty - a task to check off the list.  I encourage you to develop a mindset that says "I get to." I get to spend a few minutes with God's word today.  It's not a duty - it's a pleasure.  (If you don't yet "feel" this way - please test me.  You will develop an appetite for what you consume.  If duty is the starting place - then begin there, but pleasure is the attitude that will lead to a lifelong love of God's Word.)

  • Stick with it

It is natural to start strong.  Many people get excited and feel inspired at the beginning of a new devotional, but soon lose their steam and give up.  Anything worthwhile requires pressing through the transition from starting to finishing.  This will be worth it.  Day by day and brick by brick you are building your spiritual foundation.  If you give it enough time, you will soon develop a healthy appetite for this devotional time - and you will hunger to return to it again and again. (See point #1 as a reminder.)

  • Listen to God

Devotionals are intentionally brief and narrow in focus and application.  I've always thought this was an advantage because it encourages us to pause and ponder about what the Holy Spirit wants to say to us personally.  This might be the most important part of your devotional.  Here you go from reading about someone else's revelation to receiving your own.  If you interact with God through prayer and quiet yourself to listen - you will soon gain tremendous insight and joy from this exercise.

  • Write it down

Keep a personal journal handy and make a brief entry about your thoughts.  I'm always amazed at the capacity of the human mind to quickly forget what God has said or done.  When I pick up an old journal I am always surprised that I have forgotten so much of our exchange.  Utilizing a journal is an ancient practice that yields huge reward and accelerates our spiritual growth.

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