Thrive with Strengths

This week I had the best experience.

I had a Strengths Coaching Session with Dr. Joanna Wiesinger of Thrive with Strengths.

Joanna is a Gallup Strengths Coach, speaker, author, and PhD chemist. She’s not only smart, beautiful and creative - she’s one of the most inspiring people I’ve worked with. She is a passionate, insightful teacher and mentor.

Joanna is helping me discover and invest in my innate talents and strengths so I can develop healthier relationships, make better decisions and grow into a more effective leader.

I find I am able to grow faster, wiser and with greater impact, when I’ve taken the time and money to invest in my personal growth through a coaching experience.

Maybe that’s why I’m so passionate about mentoring. When you connect with someone who is an expert in their field, has a passion to help you go to the next level and is trustworthy, you have found a treasure.

Do you want to be a more effective leader?

You too can schedule an individual coaching session with Joanna or a workshop for your team here.

You can connect with her on LinkedIn and you can also watch her recent TEDx talk on the topic of attracting and retaining best talent in the market place here.

Joanna helps leaders and their teams find the right conditions to THRIVE WITH STRENGTHS daily for greater impact.

What are your strengths?

What Great Leaders Do to Win the Fight for Talent.

When working with individuals, I design sessions to help my clients see the power of their inherent talents and how they can grow them into bona fide strengths. Once they recognize their unique “superpowers,” I help aim their strengths for greater contribution to others .
— Joanna Wiesinger, PhD, Gallup Strengths Coach

Here are my CliftonStrengths Top 10 Results

  1. Strategic

  2. Relator

  3. Individualization

  4. Maximizer

  5. Activator

  6. Belief

  7. Futuristic

  8. Positivity

  9. Empathy

  10. Ideation