Kerrie Oles - Unlocked Now

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Kerrie Oles has led thousands to be healed through her testimony and teachings. For over 10 years, her message has enabled women to:

  • Understand their value/identity only comes from God.

  • Discover how to receive inner healing from the scars of their past.

  • Replace doubt, shame, and regret, with truth, confidence, and praise.

  • Stop unhealthy thinking and learn to love who they are, and all of their testimony.

Kerrie Oles

Mentoring Topics

Freedom  • Healing  • Restoration

Personal Message from Kerrie

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I love Jesus. I just can’t get over Him. He turned this orphan into a daughter, and now, I desire to help other women come to know their value as a daughter to the King. I am keenly aware that throughout our lives there have been events and trials we’ve experienced, that have written on the canvas of who we are, and in those trials; the enemy has spoken lies to us. Those lies have left marks on our identity, therefore, we struggle to become all God has created and redeemed us to be. I love women and HGTV; both because of transformation. There is nothing like seeing a woman come to understand that she is more than her past mistakes and she is passionately loved by Jesus. Nothing. I love that Jesus hung out with really “sorted” people. Yep. I’ve been one. Most of us have, and I don’t try to hide that anymore. I testify about it. If you or someone you know has ever been one of those folks; we’re family.