Mentor Monday - Meet Kerrie Oles

Freedom Fighter

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When I think of Kerrie Oles I am always taken back to the moment she made her first permanent imprint on my heart.

We were on a mission trip riding in the backseat of a twelve passenger van and driving through the mountains of Ukraine - in the middle of the night! While others slept, I remember being fascinated by her strong southern accent. I also remember laughing - a lot. Kerrie is funny. I remember being surprised by the depth her testimony and excited about the fact that she had a book on her heart.

Since then Kerrie has written four books, founded two ministries, hosted multiple Revived Conferences and traveled everywhere to speak, teach and share about the power of being set free from our past and our pain by Jesus Christ.

It’s a Family Affair

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She didn’t do all of this alone. Kerrie’s life is a real family affair. She and her husband, Phil, work side by side to support the work of the ministry. Her two sons have also been critical contributors. They’ve made this passion to see others healed and set free a family endeavor.

In short, Kerrie has pressed through and done the hard work required to be healed and to help heal others. I’m proud of her! More than that, I believe in her. She has a unique ability to touch a persons most private pain, take their hand and walk them to a place of healing.

Connect with Kerrie

Kerrie was recently featured in Voyage Dallas Magazine as an inspiring influencer in our community. Check out the article to hear more from Kerrie about her passion for people.

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Kerrie loves to speak, write and mentor on the following topics:

Freedom | Healing | Restoration

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Kerrie Oles