Brave Strong Girl Has Launched!


For over a year, I've been working on building a mentoring community for women.  I started out simply wanting to update my blog and gather all my resources in one easy location.  As I began to move forward, a deeper, broader idea began to emerge.

With the encouragement of of some amazing friends, I allowed myself to dream outside my box. 

  • What if I could gather what I already have - friends, resources, experience and faith - and bring them together in one beautiful place?

  • What if I could use my own journey to speak faith over fear and strength over weakness?

  • What if could introduce a lot of others to both anointed resources and trusted Christian influencers of our day?

I began to envision a community of women that freely shares, encourages, and strengthens one another - and eventually Brave Strong Girl was born.

Our mission is to develop a safe and supportive community where it is okay to admit our weakness and to ask for help in overcoming our fears.  We are celebrating the Brave Strong Girl inherently present in every woman.  

You will find it easy to navigate our website.  It's already full of inspiration, resources and potential mentors who can specifically help you overcome the places where you feel weak and afraid. 

1. Would you consider identifying yourself as a part of this community?

Simply begin by subscribing to our email list.  This will keep you "in the know" as we move forward and develop additional ministry gifts and gatherings. 

Just for fun, I'm offering a free BSG Starter Kit for every email subscription.  The kit is a collection of beautiful digital downloads and graphic resources that will remind you that you are both brave and strong.  Please share them on your own social media posts or websites.

2.  Would you follow us on Facebook?

We'll be building our Facebook following as a simple means of communication for all of us.  If you don't follow, you most likely won't see our posts as our actual number of followers is tiny.  Every "follower" significantly helps our exposure.


3. Would you help us spread the news?

Please consider sharing this announcement (from the free digital resources in your Starter Kit) and introduce your friends and family to our community

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Stay tuned.  In the next season we will be introducing you to each of our mentors, highlighting some resources that address your specific needs and creating opportunities for us to gather for personal mentoring with me and our team.