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I heard about Tracey Mitchell long before I met her.  I knew we attended the same church  - even the same campus.  Women kept mentioning her name to me and pointing out her resources and I kept wondering why we never met.

Now I know.

As a leading Bible teacher and conference speaker,

Tracey and her husband, Robby, travel about 40 weeks a year, ministering to people all over the world. They live a life on the road, coming in out of Dallas almost on a weekly basis.

When I finally met Tracey it was because of her generosity.  She invited me to be a part of her vendor fair at her bi-annual women's conference called Thrive.  I had just written Women at War and I appreciated the opportunity to reach a new audience. 

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I would soon discover that Tracey was blessing me with one of her strongest gifts. 

Tracey is a developer, promoter and friend to women. 

She's not afraid to share her influence or her platform with others.  As I participated in the conference and heard Tracey preach for the first time, I knew she was an anointed minister.  But it was what I found in the vendor hall and during the breaks that really blessed me.

Every woman was there because Tracey had personally invited and invested in them. 

Countless women have become brave enough to share their story because of her encouragement.  They have developed a ministry or dared to write a book.  So many more were sharing and encouraging one another.

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Tracey Mitchell

This is why I'm so excited to introduce you to Tracey as one of our featured Brave Strong Girl mentors.  She is one of the strongest developers of women I know.  She's also a prolific entrepreneur, always having her hand in multiple businesses, ministries and service organizations at the same time.

For example:

Tracey is a serial author having written or contributed to many books and resources.  Her latest books are Downside Up, Becoming Brave and The Invitation - to mention a few. 

She is also the Founder & CEO of the Thrive Conference.  This bi-annual gathering trains and equips leaders and entrepreneurs and is held in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. In addition, she is Vice President of Christian Women in Media and CEO of The Winning Woman, a ministry-based consulting firm.   

Tracey has compiled over 20+ years of on-air experience having been both a programmer and guest on many Christian media outlets.  In addition, she and Robby are currently the Executive Producers of a television program called Life From DFW.  They reach millions via satellite, cable television and internet.  

In 2016, Tracey was nominated for Texas Women in Excellence and in 2015 was awarded by the GSWB Chamber of Commerce with the "Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur Award." She also was awarded "The Excellence in Communications Award", given by Women in Media and in 2006 she received an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity degree.

Tracey really enjoys mentoring in the areas of:

  • Public Speaking

  • Personal Development

  • Publishing

I'm excited to introduce you to Tracey's latest book from Thomas Nelson called Becoming Brave.

Becoming Brave: How to Think Big, Dream Wildly and Live Fear Free

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