Kristin Lemus - Brave Strong Moms

Kristin Lemus is wife to her best friend and mom of 7 (1 in heaven). She is passionate about helping moms leave weariness behind. Kristin is a writer, speaker, conference host, and podcaster (coming soon).


Mentoring Topics

Motherhood  • Digital Evangelism • Personal Development

Personal Message from Kristin

If you are feeling tired, overwhelmed and weary I want you to know that you are not alone. I (Kristin) felt that same way. I would spend time with God in the morning and leave that time feeling great only to start my day and by 10 am I was back to feeling weary. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get off the crazy rollercoaster going up and down from feeling great and back to weary. I begged God to show me how to mother from a place of victory rather than defeat.

The good news is that He showed me how to leave weariness behind and put a burden on my heart to show you how too. He loves you so very much and longs for you to know His heart for you and walk in it.