Mentor Monday - Meet Kristin Lemus

A Prolific "Jump Starter"

If you've ever had Kristin Lemus put her eyes upon you or your work, you have been seen - really seen.  She is one of the most encouraging and prolific "jump starters" I've ever known. 

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She helped me "jump start" my launch of Women at War in 2013. 

Not only did she build a digital launch team for me, but she became a precious friend.  In the process, she introduced me to an amazing community of women who have been a huge part of my own journey.

I'm not the only one.

There are countless women who have been blessed by the mentoring touch she carries.  She's tender, compassionate, quiet and powerful.  She's a cheerleader for so many. 

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Empty Arms Hope-Filled Heart

Family life is so important to Kristin.  Not only is she married to her best friend, but she is also "momma" to seven kids.  (Yes - 7!)  She has five girls and two boys (one in heaven.)  If you have children in heaven, be sure to check her book Empty Arms Hope-Filled Hearts.  She recently launched her twins daughters into their college season.

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Kristin is passionate about helping women find freedom and pursue their dreams.  She's been sharing her heart for years at her blog, The Beautiful Deep.


Brave Moms

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She has a huge passion to equip and encourage moms who grow weary in the journey of parenting.  That's why I am so excited about a new wing of her ministry called Brave Moms which will include digital resources, mentoring content and even a magazine.  (Yes - a real one - a paper one - one you can hold and earmark and return to as often as you like.) Be sure you subscribe so that you can get connected.  

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She's skilled at digital communications and often invest in other  Christian communicators.  Much of that work has been done as a part of The Declare Conference, where she is a member of a lead team of women who are changing the landscape of the Christian community on the internet through influencing writers, speakers and podcasters. 

Special Offer

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Kristin loves to speak, write and mentor on the following topics:

  • Motherhood

  • Digital Evangelism

  • Personal Development


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Kristin Lemus